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Kyle Viercinski

Dealing with my accident and the other persons insurance company was a complete nightmare. I was the victim in this accident but I was treated like I was the one who caused the crash. Once Brian Davis got involved all the stress was lifted off my shoulders. He took amazing care of me and my family. We ended up walking away with everything we deserved and feel like this experience is now behind us. Couldn’t have done it with out Brian and his extremely professional legal team! Highly recommend if you are ever in an accident and need a powerhouse behind you!

Barbara Sanders

5-star review
My husband and I, contacted Brian at the lowest point of our lives. We had just been the victims of a horrible motorcycle accident. The medical bills were stacking up, and we were both seriously injured. Although the other party’s insurance had admitted fault… they were unwilling to pay anything close to covering the medical expenses alone. From the very first consultation with Brian, we felt confident that he would not only represent us as an attorney, but as a true advocate… in every sense of the word. Not one single phone call, text, or email was unanswered by Brian and his team. When we needed help, guidance, or just a simple update on the situation… they were always there. Brian did exactly what he said he would do, from the very beginning. We received the maximum compensation available from the insurance company, and Brian even helped us organize and pay all our medical bills. He never backed down, never compromised… he always fought for us. I don’t know where we would be if it was not for Brian and his team. We are forever grateful, and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were not only professional, but very kind… and that goes a long way when people are broken and the future is uncertain.

Don Woodruff

It has been one year since I settled my case so this is long overdue. Brian Davis may have saved my life. After 5 long years of litigation he never stopped helping me. If not for Brian putting me in touch with the proper medical and psychological experts I may still be suffering the long term effects of my injury. I always felt that Brian cared more about my recovery than anything else. Thanks to Brian I am doing well and even though I will never fully be the person I was, I can now live with who I am now. My heartfelt gratitude cannot be put into words. God put Brian in my path.

Patricia A. Norman

This formal letter is long overdue and for that I apologize.

Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks for your help, encouragement and support in your handling of my case that I so willingly put into your hands. At one time, having worked in NYC for a personal injury attorney and with part of my brain absent, I did not have too much faith in what you would or would not be able to accomplish. To my complete surprise, you came through like a knight in shining armour. You went about the case as though I was really important and you fought the good fight to the very end, and it was all for me and you won.

As you are well aware, the case was an extremely difficult one and it appeared everything was going against me. Without your dedicated help I would not be making use of the items which were so badly needed to help in my recovery. Not once did you seem to waiver in your goal to end the case on a high note and to my benefit, you treated me at all times with respect and dignity.

I wish I had the words to describe how I really feel about you and your loyalty to the case. Truly I am at a loss as to what to say. It confuses me as to why you took such pains to sort through tons of paperwork and to be able to rise above it, smiling all the time.

What a great person you are. It seems like such a little statement, but Sir – thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your kindness, generosity, legal expertise and professionalism. In my travels in the U.K., Canada and the U.S., of all the people I met – and there have been many – never once have I met someone like you, kind, compassionate, caring and dedicated to the cause of injustice and a true professional legal expert. Whatever awards won or that have been bestowed on you in your career, I am sure that you deserved each and everyone. What a legacy you will leave your children. You should be very proud of yourself. I am even luckier to have found you when searching through the internet for an excellent and dedicated attorney. Thank you Sir.

Brooke Parrott

I sent an online inquiry for a consultation after business hours and much to my surprise I got a callback the following morning from a legal assistant asking for an overview of my case.  After giving a brief overview Mr. Davis called me directly. I was shocked by the swift response because I’d spent days contacting various other attorneys in Asheville. Most of the other firms I called didn’t even answer the phone and if they did it was nearly impossible to speak directly to the attorney. During my initial phone consultation with Mr. Davis, I received more valuable information than I’d received from my current representation in nearly a year! I could immediately tell Mr. Davis was extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. He was very easy to communicate with and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his legal advice. He’s the cream of the crop and a HUGE asset to the legal profession. I cannot emphasize how much I recommend this firm. True professionals from top to bottom! Thank you Davis Law Group.

Nancy Mathis

My husband and I were hit on our motorcycle in February 2019. Our daughters knew that the hospital bills were going to be outrageous. They decided to contact a lawyer for us while we were still in the hospital.

They did research and found that Brian Davis had a five-star rating. I can see why! Brian and his group went above and beyond to help us! He came to the hospital to see us and took the time to talk with us even though he was headed out of town that day. It has been a year and he and his company have been by our side the whole way. Any questions we had they always took the time to answer. I highly recommend The Davis Law Group! Thanks, Brian.

Josh Harper

There is a reason that Super Lawyers named Brian one of the top 100 lawyers in North Carolina (for context, there are more than 24,000 lawyers in NC, per the ABA’s 2019 data). Brian is an experienced trial lawyer and a relentless advocate for his clients. As a young lawyer, I constantly take notes and ask questions when I have the chance to work with Brian. His clients are lucky to have him as their lawyer.

Karen Sams

Serious injuries are more than a medical problem. They impact your life, your finances, and your perspective. After fighting through difficulties on my own for a couple of years, I called the Davis Law Group and talked with Brian. Other lawyers had refused to take my case, but Brian listened, asked a lot of questions, and said he would represent me. After two years of struggling, it was incredible to have Brian advocating for me. I wish I had called him at the time I was injured because I know he would have relieved a lot of the pressures and stresses I had to deal with at that time! 

All through my case, I knew Brian was prepared and in control every step of the way. One reason Brian is so effective is that he is always willing to go to trial, and the other side knows that. In my case, we were able to settle for the amount we demanded. I am very pleased with the outcome and am relieved to finally put this behind me. 

Brian’s entire staff is professional, kind, responsive, and easy to work with. And Brian always takes the time to answer client questions and explain things clearly, which makes this a much less stressful process. I cannot recommend Brian or the Davis Law Group staff more highly!

Mary Burleson

If you are looking for a lawyer that can help and cares about the outcome of your case, you have found him. My mother was in a head-on collision. I needed someone to deal with the details so I could focus solely on her recovery. Brian and his group supported us 100% with what we needed and more. They went out of their way in every aspect of the process to make it as easy as possible. Brian had a way of explaining complicated legal terms in a way it was easy for my mother and me to comprehend. He also took time with us and never once rushed us through a meeting or call. He was available for us anytime we needed to speak to him one on one. Not only is he personable, but he is effective! My mother had a great outcome in her case and was very pleased with her settlement. Thanks, Brian for taking care of business so I could take care of my mother!

Jeff Marshall

Brian Davis is a smart and aggressive personal injury attorney. During the last 3 decades, he has made a name for himself by representing some of the toughest accident cases in North Carolina and other parts of the country. He has a stellar reputation among his peers and during the 20 years I have known him I have witnessed him fight for what his clients deserve without ever backing down. I highly recommend you contact Brian Davis if you are looking for an attorney.

Bill P.

I called the Davis Law Group to discuss a potential settlement that was offered by an insurance company after I was in a car accident. Brian spoke with me at length to determine if the settlement offer was fair. All of his questions made it clear he would be a wise choice should it be necessary to go to trial. For instance, when I mentioned I was sent to neurology, he asked which neurologist I went to. He was able to name the neurologists at the location. While he didn’t directly state his intentions, it was clear to me that he knows the big players and their willingness to testify in court on behalf of a client. Having this local knowledge is a tremendous asset in being able to assess the likelihood of a successful personal injury trial. It was clear Brian was ready to take a personal interest in the case rather than just looking at me as a potential source of revenue (the Davis Law Group does NOT ambulance chase). Well done, Brian, thanks for your assistance.

David Cole

Best lawyer around. He did an incredible job and helped me when I was hit by a tractor-trailer while operating a big mower for DOT. He and his team are wonderful!

Juan Pablo Peña Mejia

Hands down the best law group in the US! Brian and his team represented me​ in a personal injury case where I was run over by a motorist while cycling. The insurance company was being totally unreasonable and gave us the ​run around for over two years without paying for the incident. As soon as Brian got involved in my case, the insurance company started to change its tone as he was willing to go to trial to defend my case. After arduous work, Brian was able to settle my case with excellent results. Brian has excellent communication with his clients, he will talk to you directly, and answer personally any question, doubt or worry you might have. He and his team keep you updated with progress on the case and do an incredibly thorough job to evaluate, present and represent their clients. I have absolute confidence in Brian and his team to represent me again in any legal dispute in the future. Thank you for everything Brian and company!

Deborah Peek

Thanks so much to Brian Davis and his team! When my fiance was hit by a vehicle while traveling on his motorcycle, a good friend recommended calling Davis Law Group.

Five surgeries and eight months later, Duane is doing so much better. Brian’s professionalism, efficiency, and persistence paid off.

We would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with a matter, and would call on him again if needed!

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