Distracted driving continues to be an alarming trend in North Carolina and nationwide. While you may not have a problem keeping your phone safely stowed, you can’t control the actions of other drivers.

That’s why it’s important to drive defensively around potentially distracted drivers. These driving habits can help you prevent a major accident.

Staying safe on the road

Defensive driving doesn’t mean driving in a timid or reserved manner. Instead, it’s largely a mindset. As texting and driving continues to be a growing problem, defensive driving is a good way to combat another drivers’ inattentiveness.

Here are a few things you can try to drive more defensively:

Keep at least three car lengths between vehicles

A safe distance between you and the next car can give you enough time to react to sudden movements. If another driver has their eyes on a phone screen, they may need to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid objects in the road.

By giving them space, you allow yourself enough time to react to unexpected maneuvers. As an added bonus, this can reduce congestion on busy roads as you will not need to brake as frequently.

Get familiar with your vehicle

Start to note how your vehicle handles under different conditions. Know whether the brakes take some time to kick in or if your acceleration tends to stick at certain speeds.

The better you know how your car reacts to different situations, the more informed your driving decisions.

Obey speed limits

Perhaps the simplest but most effective way to drive safer is following posted speed limits. On some roads, this can feel unbearably slow. However, these limits are posted for a reason. By staying around the speed limit, you’re allowing yourself to stay within the intended confines of the road.

This can mean fewer chances of having things like sudden braking skids or sliding turns.

Keeping safety as a priority

Defensive driving can be a huge asset on the road. It can be the difference between a near miss and a totaled car. Especially with the increasing number of distracted drivers on North Carolina roads.

If a distracted driver creates an accident, talk to a knowledgeable injury attorney. They can help you recoup missed work and injury costs.