I called the Davis Law Group to discuss a potential settlement that was offered by an insurance company after I was in a car accident. Brian spoke with me at length to determine if the settlement offer was fair. All of his questions made it clear he would be a wise choice should it be necessary to go to trial. For instance, when I mentioned I was sent to neurology, he asked which neurologist I went to. He was able to name the neurologists at the location. While he didn’t directly state his intentions, it was clear to me that he knows the big players and their willingness to testify in court on behalf of a client. Having this local knowledge is a tremendous asset in being able to assess the likelihood of a successful personal injury trial. It was clear Brian was ready to take a personal interest in the case rather than just looking at me as a potential source of revenue (the Davis Law Group does NOT ambulance chase). Well done, Brian, thanks for your assistance.