Spring is finally here. With the warmer weather and additional daylight, many North Carolinians are preparing their running shoes and planning their routes around the state to finally get some more fresh air that they’ve been lacking in the last few months.

However, just because one of the most dangerous driving seasons of the year is over doesn’t mean the next few months are devoid of hazards. In 2016 and 2017, North Carolina had some of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the country for the first half of the year. Anyone planning to take a jog during the next few months should know when and where to watch out for potential driver mistakes that could result in serious injuries.

Rainy days

You no longer have to worry about drivers slipping on snow or ice, but expect to see plenty of rainfall in the next few months. Even when there is a stop sign and crosswalk in front of you, don’t expect the area to be completely safe during a rainy day due to the decreased visibility and bad braking conditions of the drivers.

Just like with walking at night, make sure you avoid wearing dark colors that can make it harder to see you under the dark, gray sky and fog. If a car is coming up to a crosswalk with a stop sign, make sure they completely stop before attempting to cross.

Stay in the light

When it starts getting dark or foggy, you need to make sure you know where you are going. Plan on taking your trips through well-lit areas or at least have some form of light with you if you are not going on a bicycle. Your cell phone can substitute as a flashlight in case the area starts getting too dark.

North Carolina drivers have even less time to react in the fog and dark, so the further they are able to see you or the area you are in, the less likely they are to injure you.

Crumbling roads

The melting snow also means that there are plenty of cracks and potholes starting to form around the state’s roads. They also end up on several crosswalks and sidewalks in the process.

Make sure you keep an eye out for them to avoid tripping right and either injuring yourself or leaving you vulnerable to a driver that can’t see you. Keep your distance from potholes in case an unobservant driver ends up speeding through it and throws their car off balance.

Unfortunately, taking all of these precautions will not completely guarantee your safety with so many reckless drivers are on the state’s roads. North Carolina’s drivers need to bring down their absurdly high pedestrian fatality rate and avoid making you or a loved one become a part of those statistics. If a horrible injury occurs as a result of a motorist’s negligence, contact a dedicated personal injury attorney so that the victim can receive assistance in financially recovering from the incident.