Each year, more than 10 children, most under 5, are killed when a piece of heavy furniture tips over onto them. Several thousand more young children are seriously injured each year in the same way. Most of these injuries and deaths happen when a child climbs onto, runs into or pulls up onto a TV stand, bookcase, dresser or other unstable furniture. Sadly, most of these incidents are totally preventable.

For less than $10, parents can purchase an anchor system that secures the furniture to the floor or wall. This holiday season, if you have small children, take a few minutes and inspect all of the furniture in your house for being a tip-over hazard. If you identify a potential tip-over hazard, please take the time to correct it so that someone in your family doesn’t become a statistic.

Consider taking the following preventative steps:

1 – anchor all TVs, entertainment centers and dressers to the wall or floor;
2 – remove all toys, remotes and other items that might encourage climbing;
3 – make sure TVs are on a solid surface with a base that is larger than the base of the TV, and move the TV back as far as possible.

Be safe this holiday season.