The world’s largest automaker, Toyota, has announced the largest vehicle recall in history, recalling an estimated 2.3 million vehicles. The following Toyota vehicles have been recalled:

* 2005-2010 Avalon * 2009-2010 RAV4 * 2007-2010 Camry * 2008-2010 Sequoia * 2009-2010 Corolla * 2005-2010 Tacoma * 2008-2010 Highlander * 2007-2010 Tundra * 2009-2010 Matrix * 2009-2010 VENZA * 2004-2009 Prius

The sudden acceleration sticking problem is responsible for at least 16 deaths and more than 200 injuries. Several wrongful death actions have been settled by Toyota and several more are still pending.

Toyota announced the recall only after ABC News told the Japanese automaker that it planned to air an expose on Toyota’s sudden acceleration hazards. If you own one of the vehicles on the list, then you should watch for any problems with the accelerator feeling like it’s not working as smoothly as is should. Toyota claims the problem is a “wear” issue, and that it does not happen overnight.

At the first sign of a sticking problem, Toyota says you should contact a local dealership and schedule the repair. But, if you are like me and do not believe that Toyota has your best interest at heart, then you should schedule the repair next week. Call Toyota’s customer service hot line at 828-303-2842.