An auto accident can happen in an instant. There is barely any time to react when faced with a reckless driver – especially if that reckless driver is operating a large semi-truck.

Being involved in an accident can be shocking, stressful and overwhelming. So, here is a checklist of the most important things that individuals must remember to do after a serious accident.

What must you do after an accident involving a semi-truck?

  1. Call 911: Calling 911 gets North Carolina police and other emergency services on the scene to help after the accident.
  2. Get medical attention: Truck accidents can be particularly devastating, especially for drivers in smaller vehicles. Individuals must seek medical attention, even if they do not think they are injured. Many internal injuries do not manifest until later, such as ruptured organs or a traumatic brain injury.
  3. Take photos: Taking photos of the accident provides critical evidence for a personal injury claim. Individuals injured in a truck accident may not be able to collect evidence, but they can trust a loved one to do so.
  4. Get information from witnesses: Obtain witness’ contact information and record their account of how the accident happened.
  5. Exchange information: Trade contact and insurance information with the truck driver. Only exchange the information necessary to contact the driver later and negotiate.
  6. Do not make a statement: After a truck accident, the trucking company or insurer might attempt to obtain a statement about the accident. Individuals do not have to speak to these representatives.
  7. Avoid posting on social media: This may seem like a strange tip but posting about the accident or recovery on social media could negatively impact a claim for compensation.
  8. Contact the insurance company: There is often a limited amount of time to contact the insurance company and report the accident. Individuals should call their insurance company as soon as possible, but they must be careful about the details they provide.
  9. Watch what you say to the insurer: Individuals must be cautious when speaking with insurance companies. The only information they must provide is the date and time of the accident, their contact information, and their driver’s license information. They must be honest, but they must also ensure they avoid admitting fault.

It is beneficial for individuals to consult an attorney after a truck accident to ensure they protect their rights and get the compensation they deserve.