The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently publicizing their annual safety campaign about the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Since the Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most travelled weekends of the year, it’s also one of the most dangerous. With more cars on the roadways, there’s a higher chance for injury causing and potentially fatal car accidents. Combine that with the fact that people will be celebrating with alcohol, and you can understand why the holidays are typically known for having a spike in drunk driving crashes.

The Facts on Thanksgiving Travel

  • During the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 301 passenger occupants were killed in crashes across the country.
  • 58 percent of those people were not buckled up at the time of the crash.
  • Statistically, the nighttime hours are deadlier than daytime hours in terms of seat belt usage.
  • During the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 64 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes at night were not buckled up, compared with 48 percent during the day.

Buckle Up, Save Your Giblets

The NHTSA is reminding drivers and passengers to buckle up this holiday weekend and all year long. It’s the single most effective way to protect yourself in the event of a crash. Whether you’re driving across country, across the mountains or across town, buckle up for every trip, every time. It’s also essential to ensure children are always secured in age and size-appropriate car seats or booster seats.

After a Car Accident in Asheville

Although seat belts are proven to improve safety and reduce the potential and severity of injuries in car accidents, you can’t help how other people are driving. Buckling up is the best way to protect yourself, but if you still get hurt in a car accident, it’s a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney about your case. If you or somebody you love has been injured in a car accident this holiday season, contact the skilled team at Davis Law Group, P.A. at 888-773-8388 for a free case consultation.

The team at Davis Law Group, P.A. wishes everybody a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday.