When you are speeding and not paying attention on a busy city thoroughfare, bad things can happen. Yesterday in Charlotte, a reckless driver caused a serious 5 car pile-up. When the driver of a Mercedes Benz sped down W.T. Harris Boulevard, which is a four lane highway, it ran another car off the road and then into another vehicle.

After the initial collision, the Mercedes flipped over onto its top and slid approximately 300 feet where it smashed into another car and an SUV. The Mercedes was destroyed.

Fireman responded to the crash very quickly. One person was pinned in their vehicle, and emergency workers had to cut that person out of their car. That person and three others involved in the collisions suffered injuries and were transported to a local hospital.

Careless and reckless driving charges will most likely be filed against the driver of the Mercedes. Police did not disclose what caused the initial collision.

Please read the Thanksgiving Safe Driving Tips below:

In this holiday season, all drivers need to drive slower and more carefully than usual. Many of the people you encounter on the road will be distracted by one or more things. Many will also be in a hurry or rushing from one thing to the next. Other drivers may have had too much to drink and may be impaired. This means that you must drive defensively and anticipate bad driving by others if you want to avoid being in a wreck.

Here are some reminders from a prosecutor’s office to help you be safe on the highway over Thanksgiving:

-Designated driver: if drinking, arrange for one in advance.
-If you’re with an impaired drinker, take their keys and help them get home.
-Eat as well as drink. Balance booze with high-protein foods.
-Medication-takers: remember interactions with alcohol.
-Party hosts: stop serving alcoholic drinks well before the party’s over.

Other safe driving tips can be found in several of our other posts.

Davis Law Group wishes you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.