The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently publicizing their annual Thanksgiving safety campaign. Their “Make It To The Table” campaign is aimed at raising awareness about the dangers associated with drinking and driving. Traditionally, Thanksgiving eve has been known for an increase in injury causing and fatal crashes involving drunk drivers. According to the NHTSA, Thanksgiving is the deadliest holiday on U.S. roadways. This year, they’re reminding motorists that even one empty seat at the table is one too many.

Thanksgiving Crash Facts

  • During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2015, there were 301 passenger vehicle occupants killed in U.S. crashes.
  • 50 percent of those people who were killed were not buckled up at the time of the crash.
  • From 2012 to 2016, there were more than 800 deaths associated with drunk driving crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday period (6:00 p.m. Wednesday to 5:59 a.m. Monday).
  • During the Thanksgiving holiday period in 2016, an average of 37 people died each day in drunk driving crashes.
  • One in three fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday period in 2016 involved a drunk driver.

Thanksgiving Weekend Safety: Buckle Up

The NHTSA is also reminding motorists to buckle up for every trip, every time. With increased holiday traffic and the potential for additional drunk drivers on the roads, motorists should remember to buckle up. Buckling up your seat belt is the single most effective way to protect yourself in the event of a crash. You might not be able to help how other people are driving, but you can buckle up.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Asheville

Injury causing and fatal crashes involving drunk drivers are 100-percent preventable. The NHTSA is also reminding motorists that buzzed driving is drunk driving, so if you plan to celebrate the holiday season with alcohol, make sure you always have a safe ride home. The team at Davis Law Group, P.A. wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday, and if you have been injured in a crash involving a drunk driver in or around the Asheville area, contact our office at 828-279-7799 for a free case consultation.