On Friday, WLOS ABC News Channel 13’s Facebook page reported on a semi truck crash on I-26. Very few details were released, but we know that the wreck involved a minivan and a tractor trailer. The incident happened in the westbound lanes of I-26, near Ferry Road or mile marker 34.

Traffic was slowed down to about 20 miles per hour in the area as crews and first responders worked the scene. There’s no word on whether or not anybody was injured, or how the crash happened. The cause is likely still under investigation with authorities.

How to Avoid Collisions with Commercial Vehicles Many motorists make the mistake of driving alongside an 18 wheeler. This is very dangerous driving for anyone. A significant percentage of all tractor trailer collisions occur when a tractor trailer suddenly changes lanes. Due to the size of these large commercial trucks, they have a huge blind spot that make changing lanes a very dangerous activity. Truck drivers are trained not to change lanes without first looking to their side to make sure there is not a vehicle sitting in their blind spot. Unfortunately, however, many truck drivers look only in their side mirror and do not actually turn their head to look in the lane beside them. As a result, many passenger vehicle drivers find themselves in the danger zone with no where to go. To avoid the danger zone, simply do not attempt to pass an 18 wheeler unless you have a clear path all the way past the big rig. If there is another vehicle in front of you, you should wait until that vehicle has completely passed the 18 wheeler before you begin your passing maneuver. Once you start to pass the 18 wheeler, then continue to make your passing maneuver so that you go all the way past the big truck. You should also avoid attempting to pass an 18 wheeler on bridges and in areas where there is a concrete median. You should always leave yourself an escape path in the event of a unexpected movement by a commercial truck.

Another danger zone exists when traffic suddenly slows down or comes to a complete stop on the interstate. This is particularly dangerous at night when visibility is low and truck drivers are more prone to be sleepy. In this situation, you should keep a careful watch on the traffic behind you. Many fatal crashes have occurred as a result of tired truck drivers running into slow or stopped vehicles on the interstate. To safeguard against this situation, we suggest activating your hazard lights / emergency flashers as long as traffic is moving slowly or stopped. Also, if you see an 18 wheeler, or any vehicle for that matter, approaching from behind and they do not appear to be slowing down well before they get close to your vehicle, then you should quickly move your vehicle off of the paved surface. You can always re-enter the highway after the truck driver has slowed his vehicle or even passed on by.

Crashes involving semi trucks can be catastrophic and even fatal for drivers and occupants in smaller traditional vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact the skilled team at Davis Law Group, P.A. at 888-773-8388 for a free case consultation today.