The recent fatal school bus crash in Chattanooga has school districts across the nation assessing the safety of their own school buses, drivers and school transportation programs. WLOS ABC News Channel 13 recently reported on some efforts going on in Canton. In North Carolina, school buses have to be checked by a licensed inspector every 30 days. Additionally, school buses in North Carolina are not to exceed speeds of 45 miles per hour. Some districts are adding cameras on the inside and outside of buses to help improve accountability in the event of a wreck or other potentially injury-causing incident. Although these measures certainly help to improve school bus safety, taking the bus to and from school isn’t totally without risk.

Talking to Kids About School Bus Safety

By far, the most dangerous part of taking the bus to school is getting on and off of it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges parents, teachers and caregivers to talk to young bus riders about the Danger Zone, which is the 10-foot bubble extending all the way around the school bus. This is the most dangerous area. Children getting on and off school buses are reminded to follow the bus driver’s directions, and make sure to be seen before crossing or approaching the bus. Being on the lookout for dangerous and distracted drivers is also an essential part of bus-stop safety.

School Bus Safety Tips For Motorists

  • Watch for children near bus stops and residential areas.
  • Slow down, especially if you’re in a neighborhood without sidewalks.
  • Always obey the flashing light signal system on school buses.
  • Slow down and prepare to stop when you see the yellow flashing lights.
  • Stop for red flashing lights, and don’t start driving again until the lights stop flashing and the bus begins moving.

School Bus Accidents in Asheville

School bus safety is everybody’s responsibility. School districts have a duty to ensure their drivers are experienced, qualified and safe. Buses need to be appropriately maintained and inspected, and drivers need to be on the lookout for children around schools and bus stops.

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