With the weather conditions quickly deteriorating, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has some important driving tips for safely navigating wintery roadways. Although many drivers in Asheville consider themselves seasoned and savvy winter weather drivers, icy roads and distracted or inexperienced drivers can be a recipe for disaster.

When You Can, Stay Home

The NHTSA encourages drivers to stay home, if possible. Unfortunately, you can’t protect yourself in every possible situation, even if you are a good winter weather driver. There are still going to be inexperienced or dangerous drivers taking to the roadways in bad weather, putting other motorists and themselves at great risk. If you can’t stay off of the roadways in poor weather conditions, the NHTSA has a few tips to help you get where you’re going safely.

NHTSA’s Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

  • Before leaving, clear snow and ice from windows, windshields and lights.
  • Always buckle up, and make sure children are in age and size appropriate child safety seats.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Don’t text behind the wheel.
  • Focus on the road.
  • Know your brakes.

When You’re in Trouble

You should know what kind of brakes you have. If you have antilock breaks, apply firm continuous pressure. If you don’t have antilock brakes, pump them gently. If you’re car is skidding, try to remain calm. The NHTSA recommends easing your foot off of the gas carefully, while steering in the direction you want the front of your automobile to go. Stay off of the pedals until you regain control of the vehicle.

If You’re Stranded

  • Stay with your car and don’t overexert yourself.
  • Put bright markers on the antenna and windows.
  • Leave the interior dome light on.

• To avoid asphyxiation from carbon monoxide, don’t run your car for long periods of time with the windows up.

Car Accidents in Asheville

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving icy roads or winter weather, contact the skilled team at Davis Law Group, P.A. at 866-397-2897 for a free consultation today, and stay abreast of the latest weather conditions with WLOS ABC News Channel 13. If you have to travel, slow down and drive safely.