This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is observing National Teen Driver Safety Week. Car crashes are still the leading cause of death for children and teens in the U.S., and an estimated 195,000 young drivers were injured in crashes in 2015. The NHTSA is encouraging parents to talk about to their teen drivers about safety behind the wheel. In addition to discussing important topics like distracted driving and underage drinking, parents are also reminded to talk about seat belt use, speeding and the dangers of extra passengers.

Distracted Driving

According to the NHTSA, among teen drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2015, 10 percent were reported as distracted at the time of the crash. Nobody, no matter what their age or driving experience, should be texting or using a cell phone behind the wheel.


Even though teens are too young to legally buy and drink alcohol, nearly one out of five teen passenger vehicle drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2015 had been drinking. Parents are reminded to talk to their teens about designated drivers and the dangers associated with drunk and drugged driving.

Seat belt Use

Unfortunately, buckling up is still a problem for teen drivers and passengers. In 2015, 58 percent of passengers who died in vehicles driven by teens were not buckled up at the time of the crash. Teens need to be reminded that buckling up is the single most effective way to protect themselves in the event of a crash.


Speeding is another common factor associated with fatal teen driving crashes. In 2015, nearly one-third of all teen passenger vehicle drivers involved in fatal crashes were speeding at the time of the crash.

Extra Passengers

Parents are encouraged to institute rules about the number of teen passengers allowed in cars with teen drivers. Fatal crash risk rises dramatically with an increase in the number of teen passengers in the vehicle.

Teen Driving Accidents in Asheville

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