This fall, officials in Western North Carolina are calling on Motorcycle riders and motorists to exercise additional caution on local roadways. The leaf season is a popular time for motorcycle riders to hit the scenic roadways around Asheville. With recent motorcycle crashes happening on the Blue Ridge Parkway, rangers are reminding motorcycle riders to stay safe. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, advocates are calling on bikers to keep their eyes on the road and wear helmets. Although the beautiful fall foliage might tempt a motorist or motorcycle rider to take in the views, it’s important to focus on the road.

Pull Over to Take in The Fall Colors

Rangers are urging motorcycle riders to pull over to take in the fall colors. The Blue Ridge Parkway has parking areas with incredible views. Riders who try to take in the fall colors while they ride might be more likely to drift off a curve or cross over the centerline. It’s essential for motorcycle riders to focus their full attention on the road this time of year, because motorists might be distracted behind the wheel.

Wear a Helmet and Check the Weather

In addition to making a commitment to distraction-free riding, rangers are also urging motorcycle riders to wear a helmet and check the weather forecast before they head out. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helmets reduce the risk of death by 37 percent and the risk of injury by 39 percent. Checking the weather forecast before you head out for a ride can help to ensure you don’t get caught in any bad weather that could lead to slick roads or poor visibility.

Motorcycle Safety in Asheville

The burden of roadway safety for motorcycle riders isn’t just up to riders themselves. Truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers also have a duty to stay focused on the road. If you’re texting or engaging in other distracted behaviors behind the wheel, you’re not safely sharing the road with more vulnerable roadway users like motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

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