Legal Investigation of Trucking Accidents

After a trucking accident has turned your world upside down, how do you find out exactly what happened and why? Law enforcement will investigate the matter, interview witnesses, and file a report, but a trucking accident investigation conducted by the authorities may not reflect an entirely accurate picture of what occurred.

Sometimes the police miss important pieces of evidence or fail to interview eyewitnesses who can prove essential to your case. Our law office provides legal representation and trucking accident investigation services to victims of trucking accidents in Asheville, Hickory, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Raleigh. Consult with our western North Carolina law firm for guidance through your truck accident.

Attorney Davis teaches a seminar called “Advanced Interstate Trucking Litigation: Combat Training for the Courtroom,” which instructs other truck accident lawyers on how to investigate a truck crash. Click here to review the seminar PDF.

What We Do Differently

Don’t rely on the police to get it right — count on Davis Law Group to act fast and extensively investigate the circumstances of your accident. Whether you have a serious injury or wrongful death claim, we ensure that no stone is left unturned by thoroughly:

  • Interviewing witnesses, police officers, tow truck drivers, emergency medical personnel, doctors and nurses
  • Examining police reports, toxicology reports, doctor’s reports of injuries, and autopsy reports
  • Preserving the evidence by making sure vehicles and other physical evidence are inspected, cataloged and photographed as soon after the accident as possible. It’s also extremely important to document the scene of the crash, the time and day of the week it took place, as well as any special conditions that may have existed (construction, poor pavement, inadequate roadway signs).
  • Gathering black box or ECM (engine control module) information from the semitruck to assess exactly what happened in the minutes and seconds before and after the crash.
  • Obtaining any logbooks or GPS (global positioning system) data to find out where the driver was in the hours and days before the accident. This information may reveal that the truck driver illegally spent too many hours on the road, which may have resulted in the accident.

The outcome of a detailed investigation can reveal the cause(s) of your accident and who the responsible parties are.

Negotiating Your Truck Accident Claim

In preparing to negotiate your claim and/or go to trial, we routinely:

  • Handle all aspects of the truck accident investigation in-house. We want to make sure your case is rock solid and that all possible evidence has been uncovered and preserved.
  • Engage expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction engineers, truck safety/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) experts, and medical experts to ensure that your case is presented as persuasively as possible.
  • Notify the truck company and its insurers (See Spoliation Letters for more information) of their duty to preserve specific documents and electronic evidence, such as the truck driver’s daily time logs, data from the electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) and the truck driver’s prior truck safety violations record, as the truck company (absent formal notice) is only required to keep these and other records for six months. These records can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

Don’t rely on the truck company, the adverse insurance company, or law enforcement to protect your rights. Rely on Davis Law Group to properly investigate your claim and ensure that you get the most compensation the law will allow.

Consult With An Experienced Attorney In Asheville

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