Investigating Truck Accident Scenes

We Can Investigate Your Truck Accident Scene

When you have been involved in a commercial truck accident, you need a lawyer who has the resources, experience and knowledge required to seek full financial compensation for you.

At Davis Law Group, our western North Carolina truck accident investigation attorney takes these cases seriously. We do not approach any case as though we expect to settle. Instead, we perform detailed investigations of every case. We do this because we prepare each case as if it will one day go before a judge and jury.

We are not intimidated by truck companies or their insurance companies. Contact trial attorney Brian Davis to discuss your truck accident case in a free consultation.

How We Approach Truck Accident Investigations

The best way to perform a full truck accident investigation is to get started as soon as possible after the accident. We know that truck companies and insurance companies will start their investigations immediately. Truck companies deploy their crash response teams usually within an hour of an accident. Timing is everything. At Davis Law Group, we understand the urgency in investigating these cases as soon as possible.

When you contact our firm, attorney Davis will get to work right away investigating your case. This investigation will include many steps:

  • Listening to your full story
  • Obtaining statements from the investigating officer, truck driver and any witnesses
  • Reviewing the collision report, inspection report and any other police reports
  • Hiring an accident reconstructionist to review the scene of the accident
  • Hiring other experts, including trucking experts and electronic systems experts
  • Inspecting the truck and car for further evidence
  • Requesting reports and other documents regarding the trucking company

You can rest assured knowing that we take every step of the truck accident investigation process seriously, and we see that each aspect is critical in developing your full case.

Investigating Semi Accident Insurance Coverage

Often, commercial trucks have limited insurance coverage. For us to ensure that we seek full compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other losses, we often must perform a full investigation into all potential liable parties. From the truck driver and the trucking company, to the truck manufacturer or shipper, we will pursue all direct and third parties.

Contact Us to Investigate Trucking Company Liability After Your Accident

Our truck accident investigation process involves an in-depth look at both truck driver and trucking company liability. For the comprehensive investigation you need to put you in a solid position to either negotiate with the company or go to trial, contact our law firm by sending us an e-mail or calling us toll-free at 888-773-8388. Your first consultation is free.