On Saturday night, a three-vehicle wreck sent at least two people to this hospital. The wreck happened at about 8:50 p.m. on I-40, near exit 75. Westbound lanes had to be closed or almost an hour while crews worked the scene. According to WLOS ABC Channel 13 News, a dump truck hauling a cement mixer was struck from behind by a pickup truck as it was merging into westbound lanes. The pickup truck was then struck by an additional vehicle. At least two victims were taken to Mission Hospital for treatment of injuries. As of Monday, March 17th, the crash was still under investigation, and no information on potential charges was released. Additionally, there is no word on the condition of the victims or the extent of their injuries. WLOS ABC Channel 13 News did report that their injuries were described as non-life threatening on Saturday.

At this point, it seems clear that the driver of the pickup truck is liable for the collision with the dump truck. Most likely, the people in the pickup truck were the ones injured in this crash. If the passenger in the pickup truck was injured, then that person would have the right to make a claim against the pickup driver’s insurance company. But what if the passenger was seriously injured? In that case, the pickup driver’s insurance company should pay the policy limits. In North Carolina, the minimum limits of liability coverage are only $30,000. You can rack up more than $100,000 in medical bills with one orthopedic surgery and a 5 day hospital stay.

The point here is that you must protect yourself from drivers who have minimum limits liability coverage. How do you do that? You purchase Under-Insured Motorist Coverage (UIM) on your own auto insurance policy. Talk to your insurance agent, and get the most UIM coverage you can afford. At Davis Law Group, P.A., we see people each week who have been seriously injured in situations where the liability coverage is only $30,000. Unless these people have UIM coverage, then the most they will be able to recover for all of their damages, including medical bills, is $30,000. The absolute minimum UIM coverage we recommend is $100,000.

Car Accident Facts

  • More than 30,000 people are killed in car crashes each year.
  • Total crash-related death costs in North Carolina amount to $1.5 billion in a year.
  • Motor vehicle wrecks are the leading cause of death in children, teens and young adults.

Improving Highway Safety in North Carolina

In January, the North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program held their third annual Highway Safety Symposium. Over 600 law enforcement officers, district attorneys, magistrates and judges from across North Carolina gathered in hopes to improve highway safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in the state. Topics included bicycle and pedestrian issues, texting while driving and ignition interlocks among other safety issues.

When to Call an Attorney

After any wreck, you should always take care of your immediate health needs first. Whether you’re transported from the scene or visit a hospital later, make sure to get medically evaluated after a crash. Even seemingly minor crashes can leave victims with painful after-effects. If you were injured in a crash due to another person’s careless, negligent, distracted or impaired driving, you need to speak with a skilled lawyer sooner than later. An attorney can get the ball rolling on your case, and help you deal with pushy insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or truck accident, contact the experienced team at the Davis Law Group, P.A. for a free consultation today.