How to Choose an Attorney

In this day and age, many people go to the Internet to find an attorney. The Internet can be an excellent source of information, but if you have suffered a serious personal injury, the Internet should not be the sole source of information you use to select an attorney. We suggest that you pick two or three attorneys who are experienced in handling serious injury cases, meet with each of them in person, and then decide which attorney you feel is the best fit for you and your case. You should feel comfortable talking with your attorney, and he or she should carefully listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions. Many personal injury firms pay a lot of money to have their websites at the top of attorney listings. Just because a law firm’s name is at the top of a web page does not mean that the law firm is qualified to handle your case.

Some personal injury firms boast about the large number of cases they handle. Some of these same personal injury attorneys are uncomfortable in the courtroom and are not willing to try their cases if necessary. Insurance companies keep track of which attorneys and law firms settle all of their cases. Insurance companies track this data because they know that certain attorneys will settle their clients’ cases for the insurance company’s final offer — even if the final offer fails to fairly compensate the client.

At Davis Law Group, we are a small law firm that handles a limited number of cases so that we can provide our clients with the best possible legal service. We often recommend that a client reject the insurance company’s final offer because we do not feel that the offer fairly compensates our client for their injuries and losses. We know that sometimes a lawsuit is necessary in order to obtain full justice for our clients.