It’s only November, but winter weather is already rearing its ugly head in South Carolina and elsewhere. In order to avoid accidents when things get slippery outside, traffic safety experts have several driving tips for area drivers.

The first safety tip is for drivers to avoid bad weather whenever they can. Staying home when the weather gets dicey can potentially prevent many accidents. If drivers must go out in snowy or icy weather, they should keep their speed low and remember not to accelerate or brake too harshly, which can cause a vehicle to spin out of control. They should also be sure to leave plenty of space between their car and the one ahead of them to avoid rear-end collisions.

Safety experts also advise drivers to avoid unnecessary stops at traffic lights when it’s icy out. To do this, they can slow down as they approach the light and try to time it so they arrive at the intersection as the light turns green. Meanwhile, drivers should climb hills and inclines at a slow and steady speed. This will help maintain the vehicle’s traction and avoid spin-outs. Finally, people should never allow themselves to become distracted while driving in snowy weather. Drivers who take their eyes off the road for just a few seconds can cause serious accidents.

Drivers are required to maintain safe control over their vehicle at all times, including during snowy and icy weather. Individuals who are injured in car accidents caused by negligent drivers might be able to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for damages. A personal injury attorney may review a victim’s case and help gather evidence supporting a claim. This might lead to a judge awarding the victim a settlement that pays for medical expenses, lost wages and more.