Accidents involving semi-trucks are very different than any other auto accident on North Carolina roads. By their size alone, semi-trucks can cause a considerable amount of damage in a collision. And if their cargo is not loaded correctly, it could come loose from the trailer or cause the truck to lose balance.

These details make the accident itself complicated, but the aftermath of a truck accident can be complex as well.

Why are truck accidents so complex?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), truck accidents are incredibly dangerous and often fatal. And roughly 72% of truck accident fatalities are drivers or passengers in the smaller vehicles.

The risk that truck accidents pose is a considerable factor in these cases. Yet, there are a few other reasons trucking accidents are often complicated, including:

  1. Many parties could be at fault: Trucking involves many more parties than just the driver. The driver, company, cargo loader, manufacturers or even the mechanic could be at fault for negligence that led to the accident. Any number of these parties’ negligence could result in a serious accident. And with so many parties involved, determining who is at fault can be challenging.
  2. Companies will try to avoid fault: Most trucking companies will do everything in their power to protect their reputation and their business. Therefore, they will try to avoid a lawsuit. Their insurance companies often underestimate the compensation that individuals deserve on purpose, hoping they will take the settlement and they can close the case. The companies can often be insistent as well.

The time after a life-changing accident can be physically, emotionally and financially stressful for families. However, an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer can help them navigate the challenges they face.

How can a semi-truck accident attorney help?

Trying to determine who was at fault for the accident and negotiate with insurance companies, all on top of recovering from an injury can be overwhelming. Not to mention, it often involves a significant amount of legal matters.

That is why it is important to consult a trucking law firm.

18-wheeler accident lawyer Brian Davis of Davis Law Group, P.A., has handled several semi-truck accident cases over the years. He has extensive experience and knowledge of these cases – which means he knows how to:

  1. Manage the complex details of truck accident cases effectively; and
  2. Negotiate fair compensation out of insurance companies.

He takes the time to understand individuals’ needs and fight for the full compensation they deserve after an accident.