The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is currently publicizing their safety campaign regarding the upcoming solar eclipse. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, the State Highway Patrol is calling on motorists to put safety first on North Carolina roadways during this busy event. They have a variety of tips for locals and travelers who will be in North Carolina for the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. In addition to local drivers, they’re also expecting plenty of traffic due to people travelling to see the eclipse from certain areas in Western North Carolina. Listed below are some of the State Highway Patrol’s safety tips for the upcoming solar eclipse.

State Highway Patrol Pre and Post-Eclipse Safety Tips

  • Arrive to your viewing destination early.
  • Expect traffic delays.
  • Be patient.
  • Plan alternate routes.
  • Monitor traffic reports on local news or radio outlets.
  • Have food and water packed.
  • Remove your car from the roadway if you experience any mechanical issues.
  • In you’re involved in a crash with no injuries, move your vehicle to the shoulder and wait for authorities.

Asheville Traffic and Delays During The Eclipse

Since the total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Western North Carolina, residents in and around Asheville can expect to see additional traffic and delays in the days leading up to the event. As always, motorists are reminded to avoid any kind of distracted driving behaviors and allow for extra time to get to their destinations. If you plan on travelling to a particular spot to see the eclipse, make sure you leave extra early to account for any potential traffic delays. Law enforcement and public safety officials will likely be out in full force to ensure the roadways are running safely and smoothly before, during and after the eclipse.

State Highway Patrol Safety Tips During The Event

  • Don’t stop on the road.
  • Refrain from parking on the shoulder or median areas of the roadway.
  • Use designated parking areas.
  • Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving.
  • Do not drive distracted.
  • Watch for pedestrians along the roadway.
  • Activate headlights.

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