The North Carolina Highway Patrol has recently released their list of citations issued over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. WLOS ABC News Channel 13 just reported on the various traffic citations that were issued over the busy holiday weekend. Across the state, the most cited offence was not drunk driving but driver’s license violations. Listed below are the types and number of citations issued over the Independence Day weekend. This particular public safety campaign did not include statistics for speeding, because most of these citations were issued at traffic checkpoint locations.

NC Fourth of July Weekend Traffic Citations

  • Driving While Impaired: 588
  • Equipment Violations: 678
  • Registration Violations: 1,200
  • Seat Belt Violations: 1,562
  • Driver’s License Violations: 1,699

Driver’s License Violations

Although alcohol impaired driving remains one of the most dangerous issues during these big holiday weekends and throughout the year, many public safety officials are reporting that driver’s license violations are also becoming a serious threat to public safety. According to North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Kelly Rhodes, more than half of all deadly highway wrecks involve drivers with a license violation. In North Carolina, these violations can include driving on a suspended or revoked license, driving with a fictitious license or driving in violation of various restrictions including not wearing glasses.

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