Western North Carolina communities have felt the impact of Hurricane Florence on roadways and in various neighborhoods around Asheville. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, intersections in Asheville lost power due to outages. Stoplights on Hendersonville Road, from Biltmore Village to Long Shoals Road experienced power loss. Local motorists were reminded to treat intersections with power outages as four-way stops. From power outages to flooded roadways and neighborhoods, Hurricane Florence devastated communities across Western North Carolina.

Roadways Closed in Yancey County

In addition to power outages, there was flooding in several communities. Residents in Yancey County were asked to stay off of roadways until crews could assess the safety. Over 30 roads in Yancey County were impassable, and a curfew had to be put into place. School was cancelled, and residents were urged to stay home if they could. The South Toe and Cane Rivers were overflowing and causing flooding all over the county. In addition to flooded roadways, the ground became heavily saturated. According to the local Sheriff’s Office, a curfew hasn’t been issued in Yancey County for at least 15 years.

Road Closures in Western North Carolina

Yancey County wasn’t the only Western North Carolina County to experience road closures due to the storm. McDowell County and Transylvania County also had road closures due to flooding. In Transylvania County, Davidson River Road near Old Hendersonville Highway near Brevard had to be closed. Cascade Lake Road near Brevard and Merrill Road was also closed. In McDowell County, Simmons Road Bridge in Old Fort had to be closed, because it was completely under water.

Roadway Safety After The Storm

Western North Carolina communities impacted by Hurricane Florence are reminded to stay at home if they can. Never drive on a road that has been closed due to flooding, and never drive through standing water. It doesn’t take much water to wash away a vehicle, no matter how capable it may seem. Stay safe, and let first responders and crews do their jobs.

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