Distracted driving poses a major threat to roadway safety in North Carolina. When truck drivers are distracted, however, the risks can be even greater. People in passenger vehicles are at a much greater risk of severe injury and even fatalities in crashes that involve large trucks. In one AAA study, 88 percent of respondents said that distracted driving is the biggest danger on American roads today.

There have been a series of public awareness campaigns to draw attention to the hazards posed by distracted driving. However, despite the fact that people know that driving while texting or otherwise distracted is dangerous, they continue to do so. People tend to feel that they are more careful or capable or that they are able to still pay attention to the road. This can be particularly problematic when truck drivers are involved.

There are three different types of distraction: manual, visual and cognitive. While it’s easy to understand what can happen if a driver takes their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road, even purely cognitive distractions can pose threats if drivers miss critical cues in emergency situations. Texting while driving is often singled out because it cuts across all three types of distraction. The driver looks at the screen, uses his or her hands to text and is preoccupied with the message on the phone.

The consequences of distracted driving can be serious, leading to dangerous truck accidents and the accompanying severe injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help someone who has been injured in a crash due to another’s negligent driving. Accident victims can seek compensation for their damages, including lost wages and current and future medical bills.