Like every other state plus the District of Columbia, the blood alcohol concentration legal limit is .08 percent. Fatalities from drunk driving crashes account for one-third of all deaths related to motor vehicle accidents. Individuals who are under 24 years of age or who have been convicted of drunk driving in the past are most likely to be impacted by a fatal drunk driving accident.

A blow to the head, a loss of blood and internal injuries are all reasons why people die in a drunk driving accident. Head trauma can occur when a person makes contact with a hard object or is struck by debris during the collision. A loss of blood can occur after a significant cut while internal trauma can be caused when glass or some other sharp object punches through the abdomen.

Younger drivers tend to be at a higher risk than older drivers to get into a drunk driving accident. This is because they have less experience behind the wheel and tend to travel in groups. Therefore, they could be prone to driving while distracted when they are already impaired. Those with a history of drunk driving or who mix drugs with alcohol are also at a higher risk of getting into an accident.

Car accidents have the potential to cause serious injury or death. When such an accident is caused by a motorist who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who was negligent in another manner, such as speeding or distracted by a cellphone, people who have been harmed might want to have legal assistance when seeking appropriate compensation.