Law enforcement officials in Buncombe County just announced that the number of Driving While Impaired (DWI) arrests made over the New Year’s holiday enforcement period was down from last year’s numbers. Over the holiday weekend, law enforcement agencies in North Carolina and across the nation were out in full force cracking down on drunk driving and other traffic safety violations. In addition to increased enforcement and patrols, there were also enhanced educational efforts to get the word out about safe transportation alternatives.

Fewer DWI Arrests For Buncombe New Year’s Weekend

According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, law enforcement officers with the DWI task force in Asheville and Buncombe County made 14 arrests over the holiday weekend. Last year, there were 20 arrests. Additionally, they also reported a 40 percent reduction rate in fatal collisions involving drunk drivers for 2016.

U.S. Drunk Driving Crash Statistics

In 2015, there were 10,265 people killed in crashes involving drunk drivers.

29 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in 2015 happened in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers.

In 2015, 9,649 drivers involved in fatal crashes were alcohol-impaired during the crash.

The rate of alcohol impairment of drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2015 was 3.5 times higher when the fatal crashes happened at night.

In 2015, 19 percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes in North Carolina had a BAC of .08 or higher.

Car Accidents in Buncombe County

Whether you were rear-ended by a distracted driver or T-boned by a drunk driver, the sooner you speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case, the better. Even if you think you’re well insured, it never hurts to have an advocate on your side after a car accident. We would all like to think we’re in “good hands,” but that isn’t always the case, especially when insurance companies are looking out for their own bottom lines. You should focus on getting better and getting back on your feet. Let your attorney handle the details and help to get you the compensation you deserve to pay for medical bills and other accident related expenses.

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