new national study by the Pew Research Center finds that adults are just as likely to have sent text messages while driving as teenagers, and adults are much more likely to have talked on their cell phone while driving when compared to teenagers.

While much attention has recently been focused on teen texting while driving due to several fatal crashes, it appears that adults are just as deserving of similar attention and education. The study’s statistics are startling, and it makes this author think that we adults need to look in the mirror before we are so quick to judge our teenagers.

At Davis Law Group, we help people who have been seriously injured by other drivers who act carelessly or recklessly. Texting while driving and talking on a cell phone constitute distracted driving and reckless conduct. When we file suit in these cases, we usually include claims for punitive damages because we believe that distracted driving constitutes gross negligence, and in the right circumstances might also justify an award for punitive damages.