Defective Products

Protecting Your Rights After A Defective Products Injury

Consumers have the right to expect that the products that they purchase and use are free from design and manufacturing defects that could threaten their safety and health. Unfortunately, dangerous and defective products account for thousands of injuries every year in Western North Carolina and across the United States. Product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers may be held liable for accidents involving defective products that result in serious injuries.

Attorney Brian Davis and Davis Law Group provide personal injury representation to people who have suffered injuries as a result of defective products. For more than two decades, we have achieved successful resolutions for victims and their families, and we remain dedicated to helping clients get the compensation that they need to recover for their injuries and other losses. By getting a lawyer involved early in the process, you can give yourself a better chance of success and can feel more confident about the direction of your case.

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Types Of Defective Products In North Carolina

There are generally three reasons why products can be deemed unsafe for consumers:

  • Product has a bad or defective design, or has not incorporated necessary safety features into the design that will protect users
  • Product was designed properly but was not correctly produced in the manufacturing process, leading to problems and accidents that result in injuries
  • Product did not have adequate warnings to inform potential users of a particular risk that may be present while using the product

At Davis Law Group, we have handled dangerous and defective product cases involving toys, cribs, pack and plays, microwaves and other appliances, child car safety seats, tools, trucks and other automobiles, ATVs, motorcycle helmets and many others. A defective product, however, can come from any area of the marketplace and we do not limit our representation to certain products or manufacturers.

Our firm will also pursue compensation from all liable parties, including manufacturers, design firms, retailers and distributors. In any product liability case, it is critical to retain the product that caused the injury so that it can be examined for design or manufacturing flaws. It is also helpful to keep the packaging the product came in, as well as the receipt from its purchase.

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