Auto Accidents Video Transcript

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BRIAN DAVIS: At Davis Law Group, part of our practice focuses on serious and catastrophic injuries resulting from automobile accidents. Clients often unwittingly provide facts to insurance companies when they talk with an adjuster that actually come back to hurt the client’s case and maybe even allow the insurance company to deny a claim.

When you’re injured in an automobile accident then it’s probably affecting every aspect of your life, including your relationship with your family, your ability to do your job and your ability to do the things that you do on a daily basis.

When you’re talking about compensation for a serious personal injury, all of these factors are important because the insurance company considers each one of these things separately.

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[GRAPHIC: Cars on roadway]

BRIAN DAVIS: And the more severely impacted your life is by an injury, the greater your need for compensation.

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[GRAPHIC: Wrecked car and emergency vehicle]

BRIAN DAVIS: At Davis Law Group, one of the reasons that we do an extremely thorough investigation in an automobile accident case is so that we can put our clients on equal or better footing with the insurance company.

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