This shocking image illustrates the potential dangers of trying to use a cell phone while driving. The young driver of the Volkswagen failed to see the motorcycle when he pulled out into the highway. Records showed that the Volkswagen driver was texting at the time of the collision. Not surprisingly, the driver of the car, his passenger, and the motorcyclist were all killed instantly.

As I have discussed in a prior posting, driving while texting is illegal in North Carolina, but the new law has not stopped many drivers from continuing to text as they drive down the road. Recently, Oprah Winfrey decided to use her fame for yet another great cause – stopping people, and particularly teens, from using their cell phones while driving. Oprah calls it the “No Phone Zone Pledge.” Basically, it is a way for people to promise to themselves and their loved ones that they will stop texting while driving. Oprah has asked that everyone take the pledge.

Our nation’s Congress has also been evaluating ways to prompt each state to enact legislation to ban texting while driving. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, asserts that, if it were up to him, he would ban texting while driving immediately.

At Davis Law Group, we have helped numerous clients deal with the consequences of another driver’s texting while driving. Unfortunately, the injuries from crashes caused by texting while driving are usually severe and permanent. This author believes the reason for the devastating injuries is that the distracted driver often crosses into the oncoming lane without realizing it, and head-on collisions are the most common result.

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