On October 13, 2005, a young man road his bicycle on the side of a rural North Carolina highway from his cousin’s house back to his own home. At the same time, a truck driver had been driving his tractor trailer for 23 hours in a row and was heading back to the truck terminal. As the trucker came up from behind the bicyclist at 73 mph, he didn’t see the bicycle or rider until the last second. The collision killed the young man on the bicycle, and then the truck company cover-up began. Because of the cover-up, no criminal charges were filed, but a relative decided to go under-cover and work for the truck company. The hidden evidence he discovered became the foundation of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Channel 11 ABC Eyewitness News (WTVD) decided to run a feature story about this case because of the disturbing evidence Truck Accident Attorney Brian Davis discovered during the litigation of this case. Click on the below window to view the ABC News Video and see how greed and big business drove one North Carolina truck company to ignore the law and the safety of the general public.

At Davis Law Group, we represent the victims and survivors of truck accidents from all over North Carolina. Out of all the truck cases we have handled over the last 20 years, we have yet to find a single truck company that was not cutting corners on safety. Unfortunately, when safety takes a backseat in the trucking industry, innocent people often suffer devastating injuries. If you would like to speak with an experienced trucking accident lawyer, contact truck accident attorney Brian Davis. His success record, against tired truckers and the truck companies that keep them on the road, speaks for itself. Mr. Davis’ “leave no stone unturned” philosophy is what one needs when going up against a truck company and its insurers.